Dr. Heinonen’s major outreach activity outside academia has been being an expert consultant in Physiology and a writer (in Finnish) of Review-type articles (since 2006) in Finland’s leading magazine advancing exercise training and health, “Finnish Runner” and its daughter magazine “Cross Country Skiing”, on physiology, exercise training and coaching, and health in general. Topics have been, broadly: on blood, lactate, basic principles of exercise training, oxygen consumption and efficiency, lungs, thermal stress, hypoxia and altitude training, fatigue, antioxidants, gut microbes, physical inactivity, heart, blood flow, adipose biology, energy consumption, supplemental oxygen, East –African runners, genetics, training methods of champions, etc. etc.

Since the early 2015, Dr. Heinonen has also written abstract-type short communications as a “science news journalist” for Finnish “Science & Exercise” (Liikunta & Tiede) journal, which is the official journal of Finnish Society of Sport Sciences.