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Workout cancer – interview with Ken Martin

It is such a pleasure to have the very first interview with Ken Martin, who is a runner but who has also had quite some health difficulties as he has also suffered from cancer. He has however been a true pioneer as a cancer patient as he must have been one of the first ones if not the first who systematically started to exercise while receiving cancer therapies. Let’s hear how he is doing currently.

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Exercise prevents cancer

Different types of cancers are becoming more and more common particularly in Western societies, partly due to the fact people are aging and living longer. However, lifestyle also contributes, and physical activity is one of the most important lifestyle factors in cancer prevention. In this regard a major study was published last year (20016) showing based on 1.44 million adults that physical activity lowers the risks of 13 out of 26 different cancer types that were investigated. On the other hand too much sitting also appears to promote the development of at least certain cancers, such as breast and colorectal  cancers.

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