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Roller skiing- what a perfect way to get fit!

Cross-country skiing is well known to be one of the best exercises to get fit and improve health. Cross-country skiing activates basically all of your muscles (legs, gluts, abdomen, back and arms etc.), and thus creates great metabolic and circulatory demands for whole body simultaneously, which is the reason why it increases fitness very effectively. An indication of this is that world’s best cross-country skiers are known to have the highest maximal oxygen consumption values of all human beings. Cross-country skiing requires snow, but skiing can be done also by roller skiing, which is enjoyable and perfect way to exercise particularly during summer time. An interesting thing also is that skiing not only activates your skeletal muscles, but also your brain.

Roller skiing is enjoyable exercise activity and perfect way to be outside and get fit!

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Paavo Nurmi – One of the greatest runners of all time

Today will be 120 years since the birth of one of the greatest runners of all time – Finnish Paavo Nurmi. Nurmi was born in Turku, Finland, and every year on June 13th Paavo Nurmi Games will be organized in Turku in the memory of Nurmi. This track and field event is now part of the IAAF World Challenge -series and has attracted many world-famous athletes to Turku, such as pole vaulter and current (indoors) world-record holder Renauld Lavillenie and leading javelin thrower Thomas Röhler. In addition to the current stars and games, also Nurmi’s training and life can teach us a lot about world-class preparation and improving fitness.

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How fit is your fat?

I wrote in my previous blog that I last week attended Exercise Metabolism congress in Gothenburg, Sweden. After a first mountain bike race for the season (what a struggle) on Saturday followed by a families get-to-together with my wife’s uni friends over the weekend, I also had close to 7 hours on Sunday during an easy cycling session over 170 kilometers to sort out my thoughts regarding the topics covered in the meeting. Thus, here are my major thoughts based on the congress that I was thinking when trying to improve my fat metabolism, muscle capillarization and heart’s stroke volume by low intensity, long-duration cycling yesterday.

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Exercise, metabolism and aging

Exercise has numerous effects on bodily functions and the current state-of-the-art knowledge in the field will be updated in a Cell symposium that starts today in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Recent Cell Metabolism issue also deals with the topics in more detail also in a written form beforehand and looks like it will be an exciting meeting again with world-leading professors talking about their research and that of others.

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High-intensity interval training and glucose uptake and blood flow in skeletal and cardiac muscle

High-intensity interval training is powerful and time-efficient training method to improve fitness and health. According to recent results high-intensity interval training is as effective as continous moderate intensity aerobic training to improve insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in skeletal muscles in middle-aged men, while neither of these training modes improved free-fatty acid uptake studied at resting baseline.

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Workout cancer – interview with Ken Martin

It is such a pleasure to have the very first interview with Ken Martin, who is a runner but who has also had quite some health difficulties as he has also suffered from cancer. He has however been a true pioneer as a cancer patient as he must have been one of the first ones if not the first who systematically started to exercise while receiving cancer therapies. Let’s hear how he is doing currently.

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Exercise prevents cancer

Different types of cancers are becoming more and more common particularly in Western societies, partly due to the fact people are aging and living longer. However, lifestyle also contributes, and physical activity is one of the most important lifestyle factors in cancer prevention. In this regard a major study was published last year (20016) showing based on 1.44 million adults that physical activity lowers the risks of 13 out of 26 different cancer types that were investigated. On the other hand too much sitting also appears to promote the development of at least certain cancers, such as breast and colorectal  cancers.

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