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The Telegraph has reviewed it: 18 reasons why Finland is the greatest country on Earth

This is not so much exercise-related post, but if you want to check out some facts and funny things about Finland and Finnish people, this article by British The Telegraph is quite good for that purpose.

They apparently got excited and wanted to know some more as some of their Princes were visiting Finland last week. I have also had a pleasure to have some visitors from United Kingdom in terms of research collaboration and one thing I did with them last week was to visit sauna and ice-cold water, several times. This is one of the things many Finns like to do as it is very healthy activity, and The Telegraph has written some stories also on this topic.

After only few days, December 6th, Finland celebrates its 100th anniversary since it became indepedent from Russia, and our national Statistics Center has also collected some nice facts about Finland supported by hard statistics. Before the year 1809 when Finland became part of Russia, there was actually no Finland as we know it today. Before the year 1809 Finland was part of Sweden and lots of Finnish administration and other principles dates back to those days.

Although Finland has done pretty well for a very small country during its 100 years of independence, there is still a lot that we can learn from Sweden and other countries, which we also try to do all the time.

Good country index – Sweden leads the way

Good country index ranks different countries (163 in total) based on how much they produce good and how much they consume environment. This index consists of seven different categories, which are for instance health, equality, peace work and climate, and it is not surprise to me that Sweden ranks the best country in the world when these topics are considered. Finlands does also pretty well being 7th overall and based on my living and frequent visits to these countries during my PhD and post-doc periods, I can also understand it very well that for instance Denmark ranks 2nd and  The Netherlands 3rd.

All these countries do very well in many categories such as in Health and wellbeing, but I nowadays tend to always evaluate how much people in different countries care and pay attention to equality aspects. These rankings are also well in line with what I have seen as Sweden is again the first, Switzerland 2nd, Denmark 3rd and Finland 4th, but despite all the prosperity and fame, Australia ranks only 66th, although it is overall 18th.

But these country rankings are not the most important thing, but it is how well different countries and people can work together to solve global challenges. One really good example of this is Dutch-Finnish collaboration to build OMI satellite system that can track air pollution in different parts of the world. It was sent to space in 2004 together with NASA’s Aura satellite. Even Barack Obama has highlighted this system and his short YouTube video on this topic is worth of watching.

To read and learn more about Sweden, visit this official site. And if we do not take things so seriously and like a bit of irony, watch also these country “promotion” videos particularly by Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark and Australia, but also various others to learn more about different countries.

Exercise, metabolism and aging

Exercise has numerous effects on bodily functions and the current state-of-the-art knowledge in the field will be updated in a Cell symposium that starts today in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Recent Cell Metabolism issue also deals with the topics in more detail also in a written form beforehand and looks like it will be an exciting meeting again with world-leading professors talking about their research and that of others.

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