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Biomechanical Adaptations and Performance Indicators in Short Trail Running

Running season is approaching in the northern hemisphere and I happened to notice an interesting research article in regards to trail running. It has been written by Glen Björklund as  first author with whom  have performed one study in Finland at our Turku PET Centre research institute. The study has been published in Frontiers of Physiology, so it is freely available to everyone. It’s major conclusions are that maximal oxygen consumption, vertical running speed and fat percent are important predictors for trail running performance. Performance between runners also varied the most on downhills throughout the course, while pacing resembled a reversed J pattern. But they are discussing also many other things and this paper also has nice introduction to the topic, so it is worth reading if trail running interests you!

Roller skiing- what a perfect way to get fit!

Cross-country skiing is well known to be one of the best exercises to get fit and improve health. Cross-country skiing activates basically all of your muscles (legs, gluts, abdomen, back and arms etc.), and thus creates great metabolic and circulatory demands for whole body simultaneously, which is the reason why it increases fitness very effectively. An indication of this is that world’s best cross-country skiers are known to have the highest maximal oxygen consumption values of all human beings. Cross-country skiing requires snow, but skiing can be done also by roller skiing, which is enjoyable and perfect way to exercise particularly during summer time. An interesting thing also is that skiing not only activates your skeletal muscles, but also your brain.

Roller skiing is enjoyable exercise activity and perfect way to be outside and get fit!

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