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Getting ready for World Snow Day 2018

World Snow day will be celebrated on 21st January 2018 and its purpose is to get children and their families in urban environments to head outside and enjoy the snow. Here is some more information about the day and a short trailer in English, which can be found in numerous other languages in Youtube.

Snowsports – another good way to be more active!

Finnish attempt “snowsports make you more active” won FIS SnowKidz Award and was recognised as the best programme worldwide last year to bring children to the snow. This year the program expands even more and other countries are also becoming more and more active advancing snowsport activities.

Cross-country skiing is really good activity also for kids. Also Southern and West part of Finland got quite a bit of snow (some 15 cm) yesterday, and we also needed to go and try if we could ski for the first time for the season. We have been in skitunnel skiing with artificial snow, but good real snow in a natural environment is still different. Although real tracks were not prepared yet, skiing was indeed possible, which was good fun and hopefully we will have lots of good winter days and snow ahead of us!


Wow, watch this video how Finnish school kids exercise during their math class!

Unfortunately this video is in Finnish, but hopefully that does not disturb you as that video is really worth of watching! This is their typical (math) class and teacher has built facilities that kids can freely try and exercise when they feel so. According to the story one of the girls can now do 34 pull-ups as a result of these activities, which is at least some 10-15 repetitions more than even I can currently do! Nice job, that is also so good for their fitness in addition to their academic performance.

These kind of actions have become really popular in Finnish Schools lately. They are in practise a rule rather than an exception. This is because teachers have found kids can concentrate and learn better when they can do some exercise activities during their studies. We have already known that leisure time physical activity and good fitness is good for your academic performance at school, but teachers in Finland have now advanced this to “normal” classes as well.

These are really some activities and not just standing up from the chair!

It is known that leisure time exercise such as swimming is very good habit to improve academic performance of young kids, but many exercise activities can be easily performed during “normal” school classes as well.

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