Adj. prof. Heinonen’s primary general research interest is to elucidate acute and long-term cardiovascular and metabolic adaptations of physical activity and exercise in health and disease. Novel aspects in this area are pursued by studying broad range of human activity levels, ranging from total inactivity at the epidemiological scale through intervention studies to investigations of extreme activities of highly training and performing endurance athletes. These studies are complemented by other experimental studies ranging from systemic whole body to organ level down to cellular scale, and investigating physiological responses of environmental challenges. Many of these attempts are on-going, but many are also already evident as reflected by published scientific articles.

Currently Dr. Heinonen and his co-workers investigate particularly acute and long-term effects of exercise on left and right ventricles of the heart in health and disease (diabetes). Furthermore, they are initiating a long-term clinical trial investigating whether the health hazards of daily sitting could be eliminated by just standing up and moving a bit more than usually. Numerous other studies are also going on.

You can read more about his current research and scientific activities and publications from these professional web sources:

ResearchGate, Linkedin and Frontiers

Further, you can read more about his past studies in reviews, which have been made freely available by some leading peer-reviewed scientific journals:

Physiology, Frontiers, and Exercise and Sport Science Reviews

Dr. Heinonen is extremely grateful for the following Institutions and foundations, which have supported or are currently supporting his research activities:

University of Turku, Academy of Finland, Erasmus University Medical Center, Juho Vainio Foundation, Finnish Foundation for Cardiovascular Research, Finnish Foundation for Diabetes Research, University of Western Australia, Turku University Foundation, Turku University Hospital, Finnish Cultural Foundation, South-Western Foundation of Finnish Cultural Foundation, Finnish Sport Research Foundation, and several scientific societies such as Finnish Physiological Society, Scandinavian Physiological Society, American Physiological Society and American College of Sport Medicine.