Dr. Heinonen has presented his research and that of others over 70 times at various conferences and universities internationally. He also closely follows what is happening scientifically in medicine, health, exercise, biology and environmental sciences. If you are interested in hearing what is currently state-of-the-art scientific knowledge in physical activity, health and performance, just be in touch and let’s tune a presentation suitable for your audience. Here are possible general topics that could be developed further for your company, institution, club, association or other organization:

  • Physiological, medical and economic backgrounds behind the effects of exercise, physical (in)activity or environmental challenges such as hypoxia, heat and cold stress on human body
  • The importance and health-and/or-performance-enhancing mechanisms of physical activity in health and disease in children, adults or aging
  • Integration of physical activity into daily life by feasible environmental solutions to tackle current local and global challenges such as air pollution and climate change

Please let me also know if you are interested in facilitating your success in business or other areas, or you need an independent and scientific evidence-based survey or investigation particularly on the topics listed above.