Physical exercise and activity are one of the most important lifestyle factors that affect human health and wellbeing. During the current era of ”post-factual” or ”alternative facts”, it is clear that also in this field there is a need more than ever for evidence-based information that is combined with common sense. It is therefore important that there is evidence-based information freely available to help making wise decisions for the improvement of personal, local and global health, performance and wellbeing.

Physical activity is not only important from health perspective, but has also major economic consequences globally, altogether meaning that integration of physical activity should be seriously taken into account in every policy making process. This is also emphasized by the fact that transport by physical activity is pretty much the only air pollution-free way to move, meaning that transport by using our own muscle power as much as we possibly could would be an important way to try to tackle also our major environmental challenges, such as climate change. Due to all of these reasons, increasing physical activity is also one of the most important priorities of United Nations.

Along these lines, physical activity, or lack of it, has major influences affecting our health, productivity, and environment, and it is important to be aware of all of these influences and act accordingly. Consequently, I hope you find these pages valuable for your interests at all levels.