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Biomechanical Adaptations and Performance Indicators in Short Trail Running

Running season is approaching in the northern hemisphere and I happened to notice an interesting research article in regards to trail running. It has been written by Glen Björklund as  first author with whom  have performed one study in Finland at our Turku PET Centre research institute. The study has been published in Frontiers of Physiology, so it is freely available to everyone. It’s major conclusions are that maximal oxygen consumption, vertical running speed and fat percent are important predictors for trail running performance. Performance between runners also varied the most on downhills throughout the course, while pacing resembled a reversed J pattern. But they are discussing also many other things and this paper also has nice introduction to the topic, so it is worth reading if trail running interests you!

Obsession to win is overwhelming

World Championships are going on and doping still appears to be used in cross-country skiing. The reason why some athletes do that is that in addition to cardiac stroke volume, which is the most important factor in cross-country skiing, also red blood cell volume contribute to systemic oxygen delivery, which is the most important factor determining maximal oxygen consumption and thus endurance exercise performance. By using EPO or your stored blood, some athletes try to increase their blood oxygen carrying capacity, and by so doing their performance.

People were commented to be very stupid to dope on their home ground, which makes me smile when reflecting back to Lahti 2001. There numerous Finnish skiers were investigated to have used blood doping and were banned to take part in further competitions. Also after that we have had Finnish and other skiers that have used EPO and other drugs, no matter what has happened.

It is striking that these doping habits still continue. Obsession to win is overwhelming.

Double standard actions

I recently commended by tweeting that who are these world leaders in Davos who claim to be solving climate change and physical inactivity and all other major global problems, but who dare to use car instead of walking short distances. I was happy to see that our President also paid attention to these actions, where actions do not match with their talking. I am not sure if our President was there in Davos this year, but if he was, I am sure he walked there.

Seriously speaking I am so sick and tired of so many politicians who are so worried about climate change in their talking, but once their talking stops, they take a flight to have a holiday abroad. So very few of those have ever commuted being physically active themselves, which is sad. However,