I recently commended by tweeting that who are these world leaders in Davos who claim to be solving climate change and physical inactivity and all other major global problems, but who dare to use car instead of walking short distances. I was happy to see that our President also paid attention to these actions, where actions do not match with their talking. I am not sure if our President was there in Davos this year, but if he was, I am sure he walked there.

Seriously speaking I am so sick and tired of so many politicians who are so worried about climate change in their talking, but once their talking stops, they take a flight to have a holiday abroad. So very few of those have ever commuted being physically active themselves, which is sad. However, these double-faced actions appear to be very common also in the physical activity research field, as I know so many, especially professors, who are so physically inactive that it is even hard to understand. Still they are famous of being exercise scientists, but I can tell you, if you just knew how lazy they actually are, you could not believe. Luckily we have some really good examples also, coming often outside physical activity research field, and those are the ones everyone should follow! Please, practise what you preach!